(Lead Senior Physio)

  • Sira (Workcover) Approved

  • Manual & Manipulative therapist

  • Posture & Biomechanical specialist

  • Dry Needling and Rehab (Sports and Gym)

Mark is our lead Senior Physio. He has over 15 years experience as a physiotherapist. He specializes in sports, gym, posture and post-operative injuries. He has a keen interest in posture related dysfunction and can give immediate relief with his excellent manual therapy skills. He is an excellent clinician who can assess the 'root' cause of any biomechanical issue and provides excellent insight into posture modification. 

In Marks spare time, he enjoys going to the gym, watching sports (in particular MMA) and hanging out with his family and kids. Book now and get a consult with Mark, our Lead Senior Physio